Step 1. In search bar, search for "SMS Blast Billing List".

Step 2. Click "New".

Step 3. Input due date of the balances.

Step 4. Input desired description.

Step 5. Choose option in "Send by" field.

  • Level - Send by grade level.
  • Selected Student - Send by individually chosen students.
In student table, to choose student, click Add Row.
After clicking "Add Row", system will prompt user to choose a student. Type in the student's name (Last name, First Name). After choosing a student click the upward button.

Step 6. Click "Save". After clicking "Save", The students and their information for sending billing will show in the table below. Contact, Mobile No. and Balance is editable at this point (for adjustment purposes).

Step 7. Click "Submit". After clicking "Submit", system will prompt user to confirm submission. Click "Yes" to proceed.

Step 8. Click on "Balances" to review messages sent.

Message Received!