Step 1. Login to the portal.

Step 2. Search ''Generate Spreadsheets List'' in the search bar.

Step 3.  Click ''New''

Step 4. Set the ''School Year'', Filter Gender if you want to include only Boys or only Girls, you may also Filter both. Set the ''Level'' in which you want to generate a spreadsheet from Pre-School to Junior.

Then Click ''Attendance Sheet'' in the Sheet Selection

After filling out the details, don't forget to click ''Save'' and Click ''Request sheet'' to generate the Attendance Sheet.

After clicking the ''Request Sheet'' a progress will appear

After the progress, just click ''Open File'' to download the spreadsheet.

If you accidentally closed the message without opening the file, you may still open in by reloading the page.

After you reloaded the page, just click the file attached at the left side then it will automatically download.